Popular Windows and Window Coverings

Popular Windows and Window Coverings

There are a lot of windows out there – how can you choose the right one for the window coverings on your Raleigh, NC home?

Oftentimes function and style are just the beginning. Here are some of the most common types of windows to help inspire your choice:

  • Sliding – Instead of opening vertically, sliding windows open horizontally, or side to side. This design makes them popular in parts of the home where you might not have enough leverage to lift or lower a window, like above a kitchen sink or clothes washer. Sliding windows are also wider than they are tall, which gives you a large view of the outside.
  • Impact – Impact windows look and function like regular windows, but they are specially made to withstand extreme weather like strong wind, rain, or snow. Most homes that have impact windows are in coastal or inclement weather zones.
  • Acrylic Block – These windows are made for privacy, as they are built with blocks that are injected with resin to blur out shapes without sacrificing light. They’re often seen in bathrooms, and in interior walls to create partitions, transoms, or sidelights.
  • Casement and Awning – Casement and awning windows are the same windows, just installed differently. Awning windows open horizontally with a crank so they open up from the bottom, while casement windows open vertically so they swing outward from the house. These styles are commonly found in homes with rainy or windy climates, allowing for added flexibility and security when it comes to letting in some fresh air.
  • Picture – Picture windows do not open at all, making them perfect for framing gorgeous outdoor views without losing security or safety. This type of window works exceptionally well in areas of the home with limited access, like recessed walls and vaulted ceilings. Picture windows are also commonly used in conjunction with other windows to form large expanses of glass.
  • Garden – Garden windows protrude from houses like bay or bow windows, but unlike bay or bow, they have space for shelves and operable windows within. Garden windows are most often found in kitchens, laundry rooms, or greenhouses as they make great spaces for growing plants, flowers, and herbs indoors.window coverings on your Raleigh, NC
  • Single Hung – Single-hung windows are common in coastal areas or places with the high wind as they have fixed top sashes. This means only the bottom part of the window is operable, making them less susceptible to water leakage or air infiltration.
  • Double Hung – Double-hung windows are just like single-hung, except both the bottom and top sashes can move. This design makes them easy to clean, great for boosting airflow, and ideal for homes with pets or small children who could fall out of an open bottom sash.

With so many different window types, add-ons, and configurations, it can be tough to choose what kinds of windows you want and need. These are just a few of your window options to help guide your choice. We are here to help if you need help choosing the best Raleigh, NC window coverings for your new windows. Call today!

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