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Somfy Systems Hillsborough NC Window Blinds Shades And Shutters

Somfy is known for its full line of motorized window coverings. For over 40 years, the brand has been delivering high-quality and versatile products. With motorized curtains and shades, privacy and UV protection are at your fingertips. You can even use the same remote to control all your coverings.

Somfy products also offer a new level of innovation when used with sun sensors. With these sensors, shades can automatically close, protecting your interior from the sun’s harmful rays.

Somfy engineers design products for both the commercial and residential markets to motorize window coverings, including interior shades, wood blinds, draperies, awnings, rolling shutters, exterior solar screens and projection screens. Somfy motorization systems can easily integrate with security, HVAC, and lighting systems, providing total home, or building automation.

Motorized shades from Somfy offer many benefits:

  • Silent motors so you won’t hear any background noise
  • Energy savings can be reaped by blocking heat transfer
  • Enjoy a 5-year warranty on all products
  • Easy control, even from your smartphone
  • Distinct styles to make your window coverings perfect for your interior
  • Always aligned—motorized curtains have efficient motors that keep curtains hanging as they should

For comfort, beauty, and insulation, you can’t go wrong with Somfy products. Find out more about their products by getting in touch with us or stopping by our design showroom, 1785 NW Maynard Rd, Cary, NC 2751 or call us at (919) 380-0898.