Window Treatments for Cabins, Lake Houses, and Summer Homes

Window Treatments for Cabins, Lake Houses, and Summer Homes

Cabins, lake houses, and summer homes are so much fun. They bring you closer to nature and give you a break from the busy modern world. Are you remodeling a cabin, lake house, or summer home? You can’t forget about window treatments. The window treatments in your Raleigh, NC have a big impact on the home’s privacy, light control, and style, making them essential pieces of your lake house puzzle. But what kind of window treatments should you choose?

Most cabins and other vacation houses have a cozy, rustic aesthetic, which makes more traditional treatments or modern treatments in rustic materials ideal. Here are some of the best window treatments for cabins, lake houses, and summer homes:

  • Natural Shades – Window shades in natural or textured materials are great for summer homes as they are eco-friendly, interesting, and let gentle, filtered light into your rooms. If you want more light control, you can easily pair them with room-darkening curtains. Try woven wood shades for a beautiful fold or to pair with any room that features wooden accents on the floors or furniture. You could also go with bamboo shades for a textural element that’s still natural.
  • Wood Blinds – Blinds don’t have to be cold and plastic. In fact, wood blinds can be warm, inviting, and endlessly elegant. Wooden blinds are also an excellent option if you want different levels of light control throughout the day, as, depending on how you tilt the slats, you can let in as little or as much light as you want. You can customize wood blinds by playing with different slat sizes as well as different paints, stains, and wood types.
  • Drapes and Curtains – For a cozy yet elevated look, try curtains or drapes for your summer home. Neutral colors like beige, cream, sand, or even pale green will keep the room design connected to the great outdoors. You can also go with a fun, loud color because if you can’t be bold in your design at your lake house, where can you? Go for a light-filtering curtain with cellular shades beneath to keep the lightness of the curtain but boost it with the privacy and control of shades.window treatments on your Raleigh, NC
  • Shutters – It doesn’t get more “cozy cabin” than shutters! Shutters come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, materials, and colors, which makes it easy to match them to your chosen décor or your existing exterior shutters. Try light wood or white shutters to brighten up cabin rooms, play with café shutters for a charming old-world appeal, or go with bi-fold shutters to dress large windows. As a bonus, shutters help with insulation and energy efficiency, which can help save you money on heating and cooling your summer home even when you’re not there.

It’s easy to perfectly dress the windows in your summer home or cabin with these tips. Do you want to learn more about dressing windows or Raleigh, NC window treatments? We are here to help! Call or visit us today.

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