Window Shades and Other Window Trends

Window Shades and Other Window Trends

If you’re investing in window shades in Raleigh, NC this year, you need to know the best and the latest trends to make your investment worth it. This list can help guide or inspire your home transformation. Here are some of the best trends to watch:

  • Window Seats – Window seats are charming and practical, helping to maximize usable space in a room and adding fun style to a space. When decorated with cozy cushions and pillows, these inviting nooks become another way to enjoy the outdoor view while relaxing or reading.
  • Soundproof Windows – Impact-resistant or soundproof windows might be just what you need to get a little peace and quiet. These windows are designed to withstand extreme weather, but their tough design also helps absorb sound rather than transmit it. If you live on a busy street or in a noisy city, this trend might be for you. As a bonus, the laminated glass in impact windows also filters UV rays, which helps to protect your home from sun damage.
  • Sliding Glass Doors – Invite the outside in with sliding glass doors. Many homeowners are wanting their houses to feel more spacious. Instead of spending a lot of money on extensions or remodels, an affordable way to achieve this goal is by adding sliding glass doors that increase a room’s natural light to make it feel bigger.
  • Expansive Windows – Similar to sliding glass doors, expansive windows can help make a room feel larger. Picture windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, and bay or bow windows can all help achieve this look. Mirrors placed on opposite walls extend the outdoor feel for an even airier vibe.
  • Black Frames – Though black window frames date back to metal warehouse windows from the industrial age, they’ve recently come back into style because of the modern farmhouse décor movement. Try incorporating black frames into your home with replacement windows.
  • Mid-Century Modern Window Shades – First trendy back in the 1960s, the mid-century modern style is back and stronger than ever. This style is characterized by large, sleek windows that allow for lots of outside viewing. Make this trend even more modern by completing them with efficient, sleek, and functional window shades.window shades in Raleigh, NC
  • Natural Wood – Natural wood window trims add warmth and texture to your home, making them a desirable trend for 2023. If you don’t have the budget or time for real wood, try vinyl that has the appearance of wood without the price tag or maintenance requirements.
  • Sustainability – Heating and cooling is getting more and more expensive. Plus, running your HVAC system too much can be bad for the environment. More people are choosing sustainable window options, like using awning windows that allow them to keep their windows open rain or shine for natural, sustainable airflow.

From the fashionable and the innovative to the practical and sustainable, now is the time to act on the upcoming window and home décor trends for 2023. These are just a few ways you can elevate your home and Raleigh, NC window shades in 2023. Contact us today to learn more.

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