Hardwood or Softwood?

Hardwood or Softwood?

window shutters on your Raleigh, NC

Window shutters can go a long way to adding style, energy efficiency and value to your home. So, installing new window shutters on your Raleigh, NC home is a very good idea.

But what kind of shutters should you choose? If you’re thinking about wood, you also need to think about if you want hardwood shutters or softwood shutters. Hardwood and softwood are two different kinds of wood variations that are commonly used for window shutters, specifically interior shutters. While you might think that they are different because of wood hardness, their names are misleading.

The difference between hardwood and softwood is whether or not the tree that the wood comes from has seeds that to the ground in a hard shell or a fruit. Hardwood trees have seeds that fall in hard shells or fruits, while softwood trees have seeds that fall without any covering, like coniferous trees with cones and needles. The terms “hardwood” and “softwood” have nothing to do with the quality or hardness of a wood. Take Balsa wood as an example. Balsa is one of the softest woods around, but it’s classified as a hardwood. On the other hand, Yew is a very tough, strong wood but it’s a softwood.

So, should you get hardwood or softwood shutters? It all depends on what kind of wood you want for your shutters! There are many different kinds of softwoods that make for great window shutters. Some of the most common softwoods used in shutters are:

  • Pine – Pine is a great softwood for when you want a woodsy feel. It’s very affordable and has a pleasant knotty look that will give a space a rustic vibe.
  • Fir – Similar to pine, fir is another rustic-looking wood with a knotty, weathered look.

Here are some of the most common hardwoods used in shutters:

  • Mahogany – Mahogany is a dark hardwood with a straight grain. Its lustrous and accepts stains very well. Choose a dark brown with red undertones to stain mahogany as this color best complements the wood’s natural tone.
  • Cherry – Cherry is another dark hardwood that is often stained to match antique furniture or interior design elements. With its smooth, compact grain and natural pigment variation, cherry is best used with a clear stain.window shutters on your Raleigh, NC
  • Walnut – This darker wood usually ranges from dark chocolate brown to a lighter, grayish brown, making it ideal for use with a clear finish that will let the natural color variation to show. However, you can also stain walnut for a more uniform look.
  • Oak – Oak comes in both red and white varieties and has a large, coarse grain that is best emphasized with a stain.
  • Maple – On the lighter wood side is maple with a smooth, closed grain. This wood is strong in the face of dents and dings and accepts a paint finish very well, making it a great choice for window shutters.


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