Before You Renovate

Your home is your biggest investment. But still, many people often launch into a home renovation or improvement project without taking the time to properly think, plan and budget. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a pro, there are steps you must take in advance of any project, including installing window blinds on your Raleigh, NC home.

Use these tips before you start a renovation:

  1. Look at the Blueprints – While many contractors can work without your home’s original blueprints, it’s always better if they have them. They will be able to get you a more accurate estimate and will be able to do better work if they look at the blueprints.
  2. Think About Resale Value – Since your home is an investment, you need to be aware of its value. Don’t start a renovation until you’ve thought about how it will affect your home’s resale value. For example, replacement windows can only increase your home’s value over time.
  3. Plan the Time – Time is money, so it’s important to budget your time as well. Plus, you’ll do a better job in the long run if you’ve given yourself plenty of time for the project and don’t rush it. Plan out the time to complete each step and then add 20% for unforeseen issues.
  4. Budget – Its vital to create an itemized, detailed budget because even the smallest projects can have hidden costs that add up fast. Like refinishing your kitchen cabinets. Seems easy, right? But do you need drop cloths? Is your sander in the garage still working? These things add up fast.
  5. Get Ready for the Mess – Renovations get messy, so the cleanup always takes time. Don’t go over your schedule or budget by adding in money and time for cleanup like rags, trash pickups, touch up paint, vacuum bags and more.
  6. Account for Weather – Outdoor projects, like installing window blinds, depend a lot on the weather. Know the local weather and account for it in your plan.
  7. Ask for and Check References – No matter how nice or professional a contractor seems, always ask for and check their references. This person will be working in your home, so you need to make sure that they are in line with your values and preferences.window blinds on your Raleigh, NC home
  8. Get Three Estimates – If you’re hiring a contractor to do the work, always get at least three estimates. It may seem easier to just go with the first person, but you never know if you can get a better deal or better work by shopping around a bit more.
  9. Ask Questions – Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor lots of questions about the project. Be prepared to question the value of certain products, why decisions are being made, and even the long-term worth of their choices or recommendations.

Kiwi Designs, Fine Blinds & Shutters is here for you if you want more tips on home renovations or Raleigh, NC window blinds. You can call or visit us today for more information about what we can do for you and your window blinds.

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