Window Blinds and Your Sliding Glass Doors

Window Blinds and Your Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are very common in homes all across the country as they allow lots of natural light and easy access to the outdoors. But how do homeowners cover up sliding glass doors? It’s important to cover sliding glass doors for both light control and privacy but finding the right kind of treatment can be tough. There are lots of different options on the market for covering sliding glass doors, but one of the best options is to add shutters or panel track window blinds to your Cary, NC home.

Vertical blinds are some of the most common window treatments for sliding glass doors. But, vertical blinds are often both ineffective and unattractive. Vertical blinds are generally made from flimsy materials that crack, break or tear easily, leaving you with sharp edges that can cut little fingers or a window treatment that is missing blinds or is broken altogether.

Plus, all it takes is for one blind to become misaligned and then the entire system will not open or close properly. But even vertical blinds that are in good condition aren’t very stylish, and often look cheap. That’s why window shutters and panel track blinds are much better options for sliding glass doors. Both of these window treatments offer better style and function.

You should look into panel track blinds for your sliding glass doors. These blinds are ideal for large windows and sliding glass doors as they are hung like vertical blinds but don’t come with all the issues. First of all, panel track blinds are easy to open and close. The blind panels fold neatly away to one side when they’re open, and they don’t clack against each other or catch on one another. These treatments are also easy to use for light and privacy control. Panel track blinds are stylish and modern, coming in a variety of shades and materials, just like shutters.

Shutters are another good option for sliding glass doors. First of all, shutters are sturdy, meaning they will last a lot longer than other kinds of treatments even with constant, daily use. Plus, shutters open and close with their louvres or their hinges, allowing you total control over light and privacy as well as an easy and quick way to clean them. As a further bonus, window shutters are energy efficient and can help make your sliding glass doors more efficient, too. Shutters also look great when used on sliding glass doors. They come in a wide variety of color and materials to match any room décor, from clean white and natural wood to blacks, reds, and more. Also, unlike vertical blinds, shutters are an asset to any home and can add to your home’s value.

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