Window Blinds and the Light in Your Home

Window Blinds and the Light in Your Home

window blinds to your Cary, NC

There cannot be life without light. From helping plants grow to being critical for eyes to see, light makes a big difference in every aspect of our world. This includes your home. Sound surprising? Keep reading to learn more about why light is so important, what kinds of light there are, and why adding the right kind of window blinds to your Cary, NC home can give you even more control over your house’s light and therefore your comfort and mood.

Ambient light is light that doesn’t have a specific pursue, like task or accent lighting, but is rather background light that affects the mood and feel of a space. Ambient light might seem unimportant as it’s in the background, but in fact ambient light can change the entire appearance of a room and have a large effect on a room’s comfort and efficiency as well as your health.

The natural sunlight that enters a room or a space is most often ambient light. Besides the obvious visual benefits, ambient light like natural sunlight can also have a big effect on your mood and health. Sunshine can help boost serotonin production, which is a hormone that is responsible for reducing anxiety and depression as well as increasing comfort and satisfaction. Its scientifically proven that more natural light means a better overall mood. This works the other way, too, meaning that too little natural light can increase the risk of depression and anxiety.

Natural light gives us vital nutrients that we need to live like vitamin D and can play a large part in our sleep cycles. The natural ambient light you get inside your home is helpful when it comes to regulating your body’s natural rhythm. Natural sunlight is a key trigger in keeping your body in sync with your daily activities. IJ other words, darkness tells your body it’s time to sleep or shut down, while light tells your body it’s time to be awake and productive. Also, exposure to bright light in the morning can help you wake up faster and easier, setting you up for a better day.

What does all this have to do with your window blinds? The right kind of window blinds can give you almost complete control over the amount of natural ambient light that you let in your home. You can adjust the blinds to the exact right angle to let in the amount of light that you want while still maintaining privacy. This means you can let the light in in the morning and during the day and keep the light out when it’s time for bed. This control can not only help you achieve optimal restfulness and sleep but can also boost your mood and overall comfort in your home.

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