The Top Manufacturers Of Motorized Blinds And Shades: Lutron, Mecho, Hunter Douglas, BTX and Somfy

The Top Manufacturers Of Motorized Blinds And Shades: Lutron, Mecho, Hunter Douglas, BTX and Somfy

Motorized window coverings are now a must have feature in homes and businesses. Let’s explore the major manufacturers for some exciting “must know” information.

Lutron – Lutron has long dominated the light dimming industry commonly found in homes and commercial buildings. They also are the industry leader in quiet motor technology used to operate shading systems and roman shades. Many celebrity homes and upscale office environments use these products. No longer reserved for the upper class, we commonly install these systems in new and renovated homes. They are extremely popular in universities due to their quiet operating characteristics. When it has to impress, Lutron is the answer.

Mecho – This company has a long history of commercial applications with motorized shading systems. Many architects today still rely on their proven systems and unique fabric offerings for roller shades and special applications. They can produce motorized products that span over 20 feet in width and 30 feet tall. Their operating components are battle tested and are designed for continuous operation over the lifespan of a building or home. They are the original innovators of many of the systems employed today. When no one else can solve a motorization issue, Mecho usually has a solution.

Hunter Douglas – An established company for over 50 years, Hunter Douglas dominates the residential window covering market with over 50% market share. Their motorized products in both residential and commercial systems are state of the art with emphasis more on the residential side. If you need between 1 to 4 products motorized in a room, their technology is reliable and proven. Typical in Hunter Douglas fashion, their systems will do at least one thing nobody else can. This company has excellent warranties and actually stands behind them. For residential systems, start with Hunter Douglas to see if they fit your needs. If not, the commercial providers are the next step up that are sure to meet your demands.

BTX – A Texas based company, BTX is a leading provider of both shade systems and motorized drapery tracks. We like their outstanding customer service and ability to highly customize projects for specific applications. Their electrical components are basic and are easy to integrate with A/V systems such as touch panel displays and projector screens. They use time tested, proven technology that is easy to service. Their motors are manufactured in Europe and have a reputation for reliability and easy installation.

Somfy – Somfy is a French based company and is the leader in component suppliers to all the companies mentioned above. Their technology is cutting edge and has been used in homes and industry for many years. If the product can be motorized, Somfy can provide a solution. Most impressive is their battery motor technology which can last up to 5 years on a single battery pack with casual use yet provides extremely reliable operation. As a case in point, we have a showroom shade that has lasted 5 years with absolutely no service issues on the original battery pack. When you visit our Experience Center TM, , there is a good chance their components are used in the products we show and recommend.

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