It’s Time to Improve Your Windows

It’s Time to Improve Your Windows

Windows have a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, and overall value. Plus, they also play a large role in your home’s interior style, from more natural light and eye-catching designs. Making upgrades or additions to your windows, like adding window shutters in Raleigh, NC can make a really big difference to your home and its value.

Here are tips to help elevate your windows:

Modernize – How can you modernize your home by modernizing your windows? Try a sleek, modern window style in bold or bright colors like strong black, bright white, or even playful pink. If you don’t want bold colors on the inside of your window frames, you can have the outside and the inside in different colors to match your interior trim or molding.

Consider Balance – It’s important to make sure your new windows are in balance with the rest of your home. When you replace all the windows in one room, you need to think about if they will blend with the windows in the rest of the house. Or, if you’re replacing all your windows, they need to match your home. You don’t want to get modern windows that clash with your farmhouse home or different models from your old windows. If you’re in a pinch, try updating the windows on the back of your house first. This will give you more flexibility in style and model as people can’t see these windows from the street.

Expansion – Think beyond standard window dimensions. Can you add side windows or a transom above for even more natural light? This makes a big impact on curb appeal, as well.

Think About Framing – Your windows are like art, and your window frames are the frame. After all, what’s more, beautiful than the great outdoors? If you have a big backyard that brings you joy, use your windows to frame it. Conversely, windows can also help block out things you’d rather not look at. If your neighbors put up an ugly addition, block it out with block windows.

window shutters in Raleigh, NCFinish Strong – When updating your windows, you also need to update your window treatments. Some treatment options are purely decorative, like curtains. But other window treatments, like shades and window shutters, are functional and fashionable. Don’t forget to think about how they will look from the outside of your home, too. It’s always good to strive for uniformity.

Add Planters – If you want a bit more privacy, try adding planters to your windows. Not only do planters help block peering eyes, but they also help dress up your home’s exterior with lively color or fresh greenery. If you don’t want to add planters to the outside of your home, you can also add potted plants to your windowsills for a similar effect.

Expanding or adding windows can transform your home in amazing ways, changing the whole look and feel within and without. When it comes to elevating your windows, you need to think about how changes, additions, or window shutters will impact both the inside of your home and the outside. We are here to help if you want more tips on Raleigh, NC window shutters. Give us a call or pay us a visit to learn more.

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