Is It Time to Replace Your Window Shutters?

Is It Time to Replace Your Window Shutters?

window shutters in Durham, NC

Your window shutters say so much about you and your home. They are the eyes of your home, your style, attention to detail, lifestyle, and more. They welcome in the light, keep intruders and weather out, and keep your family safe. But how can you tell when it’s time to get window shutters for your Durham, NC home?

Investing in new shutters is rarely a bad idea, and they make your home more inviting, energy efficient, and secure. However, there are clear signs when it’s really time to get new ones. Take a look at your shutters, inside and out, and see if it might be time for an investment in new ones based on these signs:

  1. Dents and Scratches – Window shutters take real beatings. They’re open and closed day in and day out, plus they bear the brunt of the sun, wind, rain, and other elements. In fact, if you have dents or rusted scratches on your shutters, the damage may have compromised the structural integrity and energy efficiency they provide for your home.
  2. Cracks – Whether you have traditional wood shutters or more modern vinyl, they can take on moisture and face wear and tear over time. Sometimes, this wear and tear materialize as cracks along the edges. These cracks may be hard to see but a close examination can reveal minor cracks that can develop into more major issues if left untreated.window shutters for your Durham, NC
  3. Moisture Damage – Shutters are designed to keep moisture out of your home, but sometimes, over the years, moisture can damage your shutters if they aren’t properly sealed. Check for moisture damage in your shutters by pressing on dark spots with a flathead screwdriver. If the spots feel soft, you might have moisture damage. If you don’t visibly see any signs of water damage, you can purchase a special device called a moisture meter that will provide a reading of how much moisture there is in your shutters.
  4. Drafts – Drafts are an expensive problem. They’re not just letting hot or cold air in your home, they’re letting your expensive air conditioning and heat escape. If you need to put weather stripping or clingwrap on your windows in the winter to keep the cold out, you’ve got drafty shutters. A simple test to check for less obvious drafts is to stand in front of the window during a hot or cold day and see if you feel a draft. You can also put a fan outside the window and stand inside to see if the air from the fan is causing a draft.
  5. Broken Louvres – The louvers on your shutters are some of the most important parts as they help you customize your light and privacy. If your louvers are cracked, bent out of shape, or missing, it’s time to get new shutters.

When it’s time to invest in Durham, NC window shutters, we are here to help. Call or visit us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your window coverings.

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