How to Mount Window Blinds

How to Mount Window Blinds

There are two main ways you can install window blinds on your Raleigh, NC home: inside mounts or outside mounts. Inside mounted blinds fit inside a window opening’s recessed depth, while outside mounted blinds attach to the wall or trim surrounding the window opening.

While both installation and mounting methods are good, many people argue that outside mounting is the way to go. After all, outside mounted blinds offer lots of positive aspects like:

  • Hiding Imperfections – Most windows aren’t perfectly square or level. Outside mounted blinds hide any variances in the window opening shape for a cleaner and more streamlined look. You can also cover up old trim by simply installing an outside mounted blind frame or hide away any window imperfection without having to pull out caulk, shims or other annoying home improvement tools.
  • Tilt Function – Inside mounted blinds can block any tilt-in window function, while outside mounts do not. You want your windows to tilt in to make cleaning easier. With outside mounted blinds, simply open the blind to have full access to your tilting window.
  • Extended Depth – Outside mount blinds are ideal for windows with no recess depth, as their frame pushes the blind out into the outdoors or room, thereby giving more clearance for the blind to be fully operational without hitting the window glass or another obstacle.
  • French Door Coverage – French doors are usually built with the glass flush to the door itself, making it nearly impossible to install inside mount blinds. Outside mount blinds are much better for French doors.
  • Reduce Light Blockage – Inside mount blinds can cover up too much of a window opening on short or narrow windows, as the frame, solid top, bottom rails and vertical stiles take up a lot of space and therefore block a lot of light. Outside mount blinds are ideal for smaller windows as they don’t block any of the window area unless they’re closed.
  • Avoid Obstacles – Many windows have accessories like alarm sensors or crank handles that can be obstructed by inside mount window blinds. These accessories are especially common on patio doors and casement windows. An inside mount can prevent you from turning the crank to open a casement window or pulling a door handle to open your sliding patio doors. Keep your existing accessories by choosing an outside mount.
  • Easier Installation – The outside mount installation method is much more forgiving in terms of accurate measurements, ease of installation, and room for error. You can easily get custom shutters for any window and have them installed in an outside mount style with great success.

Outside mount window blind installations offer many benefits for homeowners, but sometimes inside mounts are a better option. If you have more questions about mounting Raleigh, NC window blinds, turn to Kiwi Designs, Fine Blinds & Shutters. You can stop by and visit us at 1785 NW Maynard Rd Cary, NC 27513, or give us a call at (919) 380-0898 to learn more about what we can do for you and your blinds.

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