Exterior Window Shutters

Exterior Window Shutters

window shutters to your Raleigh, NC

Exterior window shutters are often taken for granted as a window blinds in Apex, NC that’s quick, easy and carefree. However, many homeowners don’t fully understand the different kinds of exterior window shutters, how to install them, or how to care for them, and simple mistakes in these categories can turn stylish and efficient shutters into money and curb appeal traps.

The best way to avoid common exterior shutter mistakes is to have all the information, and a good place to start is with the basics. A window shutter is a stable and solid window covering generally featuring a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails on the bottom, center and top. The frames usually have louvers, either horizontal or vertical, and operable or fixed, to allow customized natural light and airflow.

Window shutters are good solutions for taking charge of the amount of sunlight that enters a room, boosting privacy, enhancing security, and protecting against weather or unwanted intrusion or damage. Exterior window shutters also add to the curb appeal of a home with timeless style. Some shutters and mounted to fit within the window opening, or can be built to overlap the opening depending on preference and application.

Though the term window shutter can mean both interior and exterior shutters, exterior shutters have a classic appeal that adds traditional European beauty to any home without going over budget. There are many different kinds of exterior shutters, but the most common are:

  • Vinyl – Vinyl Shutters are made from Poly Vinyl Chloride, or PVC. They are available in many different colors, and they are built to last. The colors are infused throughout the material, and the shutters themselves are hollow in the back for easy installation. However, vinyl shutters are not meant to be functional, but only decorative. But, if you’re going to budget, vinyl shutters are the way to go.
  • Wood – Wood exterior shutters are very versatile. They can be custom built, or purchased in many different styles, wood species, and colors. You can find finished or unfinished wood shutters, as well as decorative and functional wood shutters. Wood shutters do require a lot of care and maintenance, however, and they can be on the pricier side.
  • MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard, or MDF, is a simple alternative to hollow vinyl for exterior window shutters. MDF shutters look just like wood shutters, but are much less expensive and are only for decoration. You can find MDF shutters that are unfinished or painted, as well as those that are water resistant for extra protection.
  • Fiberglass – Fiberglass exterior shutters are the most durable of all the shutter options. They come in various paints and colors so they are just as decorative as they are functional. Fiberglass shutters last a long time with very minimal maintenance, but some types do have some color fading after a few years in the elements.

These are just a few of the different kinds of exterior shutters you can use for the window blinds on your Apex, NC home. Window shutters and window shutter ideas can be an excellent way to keep your home safe from harm. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles so you’re sure to find one that suits any need!

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