Date Nights at Home

Date Nights at Home

Raleigh NC window blinds

Social distancing is making it tough for people to go out for romantic dinners, so what are you supposed to do? Have stay at home date nights, of course! These tips, like adding window blinds to your Raleigh, NC dining room, will make your at-home date nights special and romantic.

  • The Right Lighting – Lighting is key when it comes to romantic ambiance. Nothing helps you control lighting more than window blinds. Blinds allow you to have complete control over the natural light in any room, like your dining room, TV room, or bedroom. Be sure to add some blinds to your windows to have a strong lighting base for your romantic nights. You can also supplement with dimmers and candles, especially since candles are always a big plus for atmosphere.
  • Dress Up – While pajamas and leggings are comfy, they don’t make for much romance. Take the opportunity to dress up with your loved one for your at-home date night. If you’re planning a formal dinner, request cocktail casual attire. You can even take things one step further to black tie if you really want to take things up a notch.
  • Pay Attention to the Details – The details will really show your loved one how much you care and will help make the night that much more special. Plus, adding stylish finishing touches to a table setting can be fun. Need some inspiration? You can try placing a small vase of flowers, like roses, on the table as a centerpiece with white pillar candles all around for extra ambiance. If you don’t want a centerpiece, try scattering rose petals all around the table or put a single flower on each plate. Don’t forget to let red wine breathe in a decanter or to put white wine in an ice bucket.Raleigh NC window blinds
  • Formal Touches – One of the best things about going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant is the fanciness, so make your at-home dinner date as fancy as you can. Whip out that white tablecloth and give it a good ironing, take your china out of storage and wipe it down, and find your formal dinnerware in your basement. If you don’t have formal or fancy plates and place settings, dress up your everyday dinnerware with candles, linen napkins and flowers. Need some tips on how to set a formal table? Here’s how it works: the plate/bowl/main dish in the center with the fork(s) on the left, knife (with blade pointing inward) and then spoon(s) on the right. Place the napkin (neatly folded) to the left of the forks. If you’re adding a bread plate put it above the fork and place the bitter knife on top. The water glass goes above the knife and the wine glass should be to the right and slightly below the water glass.

There are tons of ways you can make an at-home date feel just as special as a night out. Kiwi Designs, Fine Blinds & Shutters is here to help if you want more related tips or information on Raleigh, NC window blinds.

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