Are Your Window Blinds Fire Resistant?

Are Your Window Blinds Fire Resistant?

There are all kinds of stories going around about terrible fires that leave families and homeowners with nothing, but there are also lots of fire stories with happy endings. Like the one about a local North Carolina woman who was saved from a fire by the fire-resistant window blinds in Apex, NC home.

A fire broke out right outside her home one evening when she was asleep. The flames spread up her outer wall and reached her window blinds. Her fire-retardant window blinds did not catch fire, but instead began to smolder and melt releasing lots of smoke, which in turn set off her fire detectors, alerting her and her family to the fire. This extra warning time not only allowed them to get out safely, but also gave first responders enough time to save her home.

This first-hand account goes to show that fire resistant window blinds can go a long way in protecting you and your home from a fire.

You need fire-retardant blinds because even though they won’t prevent a fire from starting, they won’t fan the flames to make the fire worse. You might be thinking, “what are the chances a fire will break out by my blinds anyway?” Fires actually originate on walls near windows a lot. Malfunctioning electrical sockets, lamps, and other electronics can cause fires, as can candles, incense or other open flames. These flames can quickly catch on draperies or other window treatments, but most likely won’t catch blinds as fast since they don’t hang down.

Not every kind of blind is fire retardant, though. When shopping for blinds, be on the lookout for those with a Class A rating from a local fire protection agency. Any lower rating won’t give you the necessary protection from fire. Unfortunately, wood blinds are usually not fire retardant. The same goes for low quality faux wood blinds that are made out of particleboard or other materials, even if they are wrapped in vinyl.

You need window blinds that are high quality faux wood. There are lots of high-quality blind brands that offer options that are made of flame-resistant composites that will smoke and melt as opposed to catch fire when exposed to extreme heat. This tough construction also means that they are resistant to moisture, warping and mold as well. When you buy new blinds, make sure they are heat-resistant. The material of the window covering will affect how well it repels against extreme temperature changes in your home’s rooms; an aluminum frame can handle high levels better than others like PVC or polyester (which may melt). Get something with labels on them so that when installation day arrives there won’t be any more questions about what size goes where!

Even if fire resistant blinds are engulfed in a flame, they will not burn. Instead, they just smoke and smolder, which in turn will set off smoke alarms and alert first responders and home residents to the danger quickly. These important seconds can mean the difference between safety and danger, a saved home or a destroyed home. So, you’re looking for the perfect window coverings to keep your home cool and comfortable during these hot summer months? We have just what you need with our range of heat-resistant blinds or mixing certain styles!

Adding fire resistant window blinds to your home is always a good idea. Want more information about Apex, NC window blinds? You can’t go wrong with Kiwi Designs, Fine Blinds & Shutters. We have years of industry experience and are ready to help.

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