All About Duette Window Shutters

All About Duette Window Shutters

window shutters on your Morrisville, NC

The window shutters on your Morrisville, NC home should be energy efficient, stylish, and comfortable. While that may seem like a tall order, Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb shades are up to the task. Duette shades are an excellent choice when you want the best for a great price.

Duette shades are made with a special, patented honeycomb design. Their honeycomb shape traps hot or cool air to help reduce energy loss through windows, thus serving as a natural insulator or cooler for your home. The design’s insulating air pockets can actually help reduce heat loss at the window by 40%, so your living space stays comfortable in temperature all year long without putting extra pressure on your thermostat This also means a lower energy bill over time, as well as reduced energy usage to make your home greener.

Duette shades are easily customizable to meet your exact style preferences and needs. They come in almost every pleat size, color, opacities, fabric and texture. Whether your style calls for a bold red or a tranquil blue, high visibility or high privacy, there is a Duette shade for you and your home.

You can also find Duette shades to fit any window shape and size. In fact, they are designed to fit nearly any window, from big and wide to skinny and tall. They also come in different opacities so you can customize your privacy and light blockage room to room. Want more privacy in your bedroom, but more natural light in the sunroom? It’s easy with Duette shades.

The list of Duette shade benefits goes on and on, including other pros such as:

  • Eco-Friendly Construction – Their special honeycomb fabrics help reduce energy consumption, and are therefore GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified.
  • Durability – Their tough fabrics and designs help them stay beautiful year after year. Duette pleats stay crisp from front to back and top to bottom, while the fabrics stay fresh with anti-static, dust- and soil-resistant treatments.
  • Safety Options – Duette motorized shades are perfect for when you have small children and pets around, as they eliminate the need for cords and pulleys with hand-held remotes, wireless wall switches, or mobile device controls.
  • Expansive Views – Minimal stack heights when the Duette shades are fully raised makes for lovely for uninterrupted views.  You can also find Duette shades for your skylights with the special SkyLift™ system.
  • Custom Shapes – Have a unique window? You can find Duette shades for windows in almost any shape, like arches, quarter circles, circles, angles, trapezoids, hexagons and octagons.

If you want to learn more about Duette shades or other kinds of window shutters, Kiwi Designs, Fine Blinds & Shutters, can help. Please visit our showroom located at 1785 NW Maynard Rd Cary, NC 27513, or give us a call at (919) 380-0898 for more information on our Morrisville, NC window shutter and Duette shade services.

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