Window Shades for Your Man Cave

Window Shades for Your Man Cave

While picking out curtains for the windows in the rest of the home isn’t your favorite, choosing the window shades for your Raleigh, NC man cave certainly should be. From enjoying pizza and football with friends to spending a weekend afternoon playing video games in your own space, your man cave is the room that will most reflect your personality. You’ve probably thought a lot about the TV, couch, chairs, barstools, and other accessories. But have you thought about the window treatments?

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’re here to offer you tips and advice for choosing the best possible window treatments for your man cave. Your man cave will be the talk of the town with these window covering tips:

  1. Think About Style – While the style might not be at the top of your list, it is something you should consider. The décor in your man cave does reflect your personal taste, so the window treatments should be considered as such. Plus, this might be the only space in the house you get to decorate all on your own with your unique style. Having a part of the house to yourself that looks exactly how you want it makes relaxing and enjoying your favorite hobbies easier. When thinking about style, be sure to consider color and pattern. Darker colors are traditionally more masculine, and solid patterns make it easier to add flair in other places.
  2. Think About Use – While the curtains in the living room might just be for decoration, the window treatments in your man cave have specific jobs to do. For example, you might want them to reduce glare, as playing video games or watching a big game is tough when the light is glaring off the TV. You might also want your window treatments to keep the room dark, as light pollution will put a damper on that scary movie or make you mess up the important play in your game.window shades to your Raleigh, NC
  3. Elevate with Motorization – Your man cave is full of the latest technology. Why not include your window treatments in that category? You can find motorized window shades, blinds, and shades that you can adjust with the touch of a button or the flick of an app on your phone. Motorized window coverings also easily integrate with your smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Nest, Sonos, and more so you can control them by speaking.
  4. Consider Material – The material of your window treatment is important as it impacts both style and function. For example, wood or vinyl window shades are ideal for blocking out light, increasing privacy, and boosting security as well as providing a traditionally masculine look. Also, thicker, heavier fabrics are also more traditionally masculine than thin, wispy fabrics. Can’t pick just one? Try layering shades or blinds with draperies or curtains for added privacy and style.

We are here to help if you want more information on décor or Raleigh, NC window shades. Call or visit us today.

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