Window Coverings for Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows

Window Coverings for Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows

Are you looking for new windows and window coverings in Durham, NC? The best place to start your research for new replacement windows is to learn the differences between single-hung and double-hung as they are the most popular types of windows.

How do these two types of replacement windows compare to one another? Sometimes called single-sash windows, single-hung windows have two window sashes, but only one is moveable. The top sash is fixed in place, but the bottom sash can slide up or down to open or close the window as needed. Double-hung windows, on the other hand, have two operational sashes. Both the upper and lower sashes on double-hung windows slide up or down to open the window. And, in some cases, the sashes on double-hung windows also tilt horizontally.

Double-hung windows have single-hung thoroughly beat in this category. When you open both the top and bottom sashes, you get way more ventilation than if you just opened the bottom. Also, since hot air rises and cold air drops, the cool outside air will flow into your home through the open bottom sash while the warm inside air leaves your home through the open top sash, giving you, even more, air circulation. Conversely, single-hung windows only allow air to flow in and out of the bottom sash. So while you’ll still get some cool air, it won’t be as ventilating or effective as the airflow of a double-hung window.

It makes sense that double-hung windows cost more than single-hung as they offer more flexibility in style and function as well as ease of maintenance. However, since single-hung windows are a bit cheaper, they make excellent choices for more budget-conscious buyers. Since single-hung and double-hung windows both have two sashes, they have very similar appearances. The main differences between these two window styles are their functional and operational. However, double-hung windows are more modern in design, meaning most window manufacturers make them in more styles than single-hung windows. This means you might have an easier time finding the exact window look you want if you shop for double-hung windows.

window coverings in Durham, NCIn terms of operation, single-hung windows only have an operation bottom sash, while double-hung windows have operational bottom and top sashes. In addition to the movable sashes on double-hung windows, the operational sashes also tilt. The maintenance for both single and double-hung windows is similar in process, but double-hung windows do make it easier. For both, you just have to spray the glass with a cleaner and wipe it clean with a soft cloth. But when it comes to cleaning double-hung windows, the process is easier because you can tilt the sashes horizontally, meaning you don’t have to climb on a ladder to clean the top sash or go outside to clean the outside part of the window glass.

Luckily, the ideal window coverings for both single and double-hung windows depend on your needs and preferences. Shutters, blinds, shades, and more all work with these common window styles, making the most important variables your style, your décor, and your light control and privacy needs.

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