Window and Door Design Inspiration for Your Home

Window and Door Design Inspiration for Your Home

Raleigh, NC window blinds

From added natural light to improved energy efficiency and style, windows, doors, and all their accessories play a large role. The windows, doors, and window blinds on your Raleigh, NC home have a big impact on its curb appeal as well as on its interior.

Want to transform your home? Get started with these window and door design ideas:

  1. Modern Doors – Mid-century modern homes always look gorgeous with sleek, modern doors and sidelights. But other home styles can look good with modern doors, too. Beyond a modern door style, you can try a modern door color like green, yellow, orange, or blue. Don’t forget to add some flair to the inside of your door with interior trim and molding, or a fun interior door color.
  2. Try a Multi-Paned Door – Solid doors are lovely, but multi-paned doors really open up your entryway and give it a welcoming, airy feel. If you’re worried about privacy, try a paned door with leaded or frosted glass.
  3. Expand Your Door – Doors come in all shapes and sizes beyond the standard dimensions. If you have room in your entryway, why not try a bigger door? You can also try a door with a transom window above or to the side to make the door feel more expansive.
  4. Consider Balance with New Windows – Make sure any new windows you add blend in with the rest of your home and balance out the rest of the house. Updating window styles on the back or sides of the home may offer more flexibility as they aren’t easily viewed from the street or back yard.
  5. Frame Your Views – Windows help frame some of the best art in the world: whatever is outside your window. If you have a lovely yard or garden, expand your windows to frame that outdoor space. If you don’t like what’s outside your windows, try adding block windows to add privacy and block out what you don’t like.
  6. Get Natural Privacy – Window boxes filled with plants are great for not only jazzing up your home’s exterior but also for providing added privacy inside your home. Don’t have the space for window boxes? Try adding some potted plants on your windowsills or on the inside bench of a bay window.window blinds to your Raleigh, NC
  7. Finish Strong – Whether you’re adding to your doors or windows, be sure to finish strong with new, stylish hardware. Handles, knobs, and door knockers can make a strong statement and upgrade your home’s function.
  8. Treat Your Windows Well – The best windows in the world are nothing without good window treatments. You can go stylish and functional with window blinds, classic with draperies, or simple and streamlined with shades and blinds. But no matter which way you go, be sure you keep the window treatments throughout your home somewhat unified.

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