Update Your Window Coverings with Seasonal Window Boxes

Update Your Window Coverings with Seasonal Window Boxes

How can you elevate your style, add some color, and update the window coverings on your Raleigh, NC home? Window boxes!

No matter what kind of home style you have, there are lots of window box options to match and elevate your décor as well as add curb appeal and character to your home. This is especially true if you refresh your window boxes with flowers and decorations to match the changing seasons. Here are some creative and seasonal window box ideas to inspire you!

Start with Spring. Spring is the best time of year to add or refresh window boxes. After all, what says “spring” more than fresh flowers? Fill up your window boxes with bright flowers and verdant plants, but make sure you keep extra room for growth. When selecting your flowers, don’t forget to keep your climate in mind. It’s easy to get excited about colorful blooms, but you don’t want a late freeze to hurt your display. Your spring window box display can be as simple as one plant filling the box, or several spring plants all mixed together. Pro tip: try sweet potato vines as they hang down for an elegant look and are easy to transfer from box to box with clippings.

As the weather warms up, you’ll want to change out your spring window box plants for flowers and greenery that can withstand the heat and sun of summer. Geraniums bloom in vibrant colors with a variety of leaf colors and patterns while petunias can fill up a box quickly, often spilling over. If your window boxes get lots of suns, you can also try making them functional by planting herbs like basil, chives, and cilantro as well as edible plants like kale, lettuce, or small tomatoes.

Fall brings chilly air, but it also brings bold beautiful colors. Enhance the autumn colors by decorating your window boxes with fall flowers like chrysanthemums and pansies or ornamental plants like cabbages, kale, purple fountain grass, or coleus. Keep in mind that mums are easily transplanted, so you can bring them into your garage in a pot to keep them fresh for next year. You can also accessorize your window boxes for fall by adding pumpkins, leaves, and colorful gourds. Pro tip: late fall is the perfect time to plan bulbs in your window boxes for the next spring. Just because the weather is cold in the winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy full, colorful window boxes. You can fill your window boxes with evergreen plants like winter berries, dogwood twigs, evergreen boughs, and even some magnolia limbs. Don’t forget to add some holiday flair with gold and silver ornaments or even some twinkle lights. If you can’t find real evergreen branches in your yard or local Christmas tree lot, simply fill your window boxes with fake ones from the craft store.

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