Tips for Spring Cleaning All Year Long

Tips for Spring Cleaning All Year Long

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Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be done in the spring! There are tons of things you can do to keep your home maintained all year long, from doing a monthly purge to cleaning the window shades on your Raleigh, NC home. Use these ideas to do spring cleaning all year long:

  1. Clean Your Windows and Shades Once a Year – Windows get dirty, and dirty windows will make your home look dirty. Put a yearly window-washing on your calendar to make sure it gets done. Don’t forget to clean your treatments, too. Shades need a gentle washing in order to stay functional and stylish.
  2. Do a Monthly Purge – Stay on top of clutter by getting rid of unused or unwanted items once a month. When in doubt whether or not you should keep something, but it aside for one month. When the next month comes, if you’ve used or thought about it, keep it. If not, throw it out!
  3. Focus on One Area at a Time – Cleaning will get overwhelming if you move from task to task or area to area. Pick one room or area in your home and work on it till it’s done.
  4. Do 15 Minutes Every Day – Set aside 15 minutes every day for cleaning and organizing. 15 minutes once per day ads up to 90 hours a year – that’s a whole lot of cleaning!
  5. Get Help – You don’t have to clean and organize all alone! Get your family involved so the work doesn’t become overwhelming. Chore charts and reward systems work wonders.
  6. Organize with Containers You Already Have – Staying organized doesn’t have to be expensive. Rather than buying new bins, organizers, or boxes, look around your home to see what you can repurpose. Old aluminum foil boxes are great for organizing drawers, and all those Amazon boxes can be turned into bins for your closet with a few labels.
  7. Make a “To Fix” Basket – Got clothes that need mending? Gather them in a “to fix” basket so you can bust out the sewing machine once or twice a month. Pro tip: keep any lost buttons in that basket, too.window shades on your Raleigh, NC
  8. Make Your Bed Every Day – That one’s pretty self-explanatory.
  9. File Your Papers – While many things are electronic these days, there are still lots of papers floating around houses. Develop and stick to a filing system that works for you and your needs.
  10. Don’t Let Junk Mail In – Don’t even let the junk mail come into your home! Use an online tool to unsubscribe from junk mail, and then set up a recycling bin right by your mailbox or back door where you can toss the rest.
  11. Get Rid of the Junk Drawer – You know that one drawer that’s full of random stuff. Take an afternoon and clean it out. Get rid of the garbage and create an organizational system for the important items you need to keep.

These are just a few ways you can keep your home clean and organized all year long.

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