Rustic Modern Style and Window Shades

Rustic Modern Style and Window Shades

Is it possible to make two different home styles work in one house? Rustic and modern seem like two very different home décor styles. And yet the two have been combined into a rustic modern style that is now used in everything from furniture and accessories to window shades in Raleigh, NC.

Rustic modern style is just what it sounds like: a combination of rustic elements like raw wood combined with modern elements like metal and glass. This home décor style is best pictured in architectural elements like wood beams and stone fireplaces combined with modern accents and lighting. Rustic modern also features lots of glass and metal framed windows, creating a lot of natural light balanced by clean lines. If you’re looking to update your home with a new look, here is everything you need to know about how to make rustic modern style work.

  1. Play With Texture – Rustic modern style is the perfect chance to add texture. Rustic pieces like reclaimed beams, woven shades, baskets, blankets, pillows, and window treatments help balance out the oftentimes sharp, heavy feel of modern pieces. You could even add textured lights for a fun, fresh look. Layered in with all the hard surfaces and rustic architectural elements this touch of texture adds a comfort level and welcoming style to the space.
  2. Layer Your Window Treatments – Whether you add new replacement windows to bring in more natural light or are just getting new treatments for your existing windows, try and layer window treatments to match the rustic modern look. The layered look, like the rustic modern style, is all about blending two pieces together to create something new and exciting. Plus, layering window treatments also gives you more light control and privacy control as you can open or close one, the other, or both as needed. Try matching textured woven shades with soft drapery panels, heavy drapery with modern roller shades, or wood shutters with a dark stain and sheer curtain panels.window shades, you can make your Raleigh, NC
  3. Add Interesting Architecture – A great way to add rustic modern appeal to your home is to add in architectural elements that give it a rustic air, like reclaimed wood beams, stone walls or fireplaces, natural countertops, wood tone flooring, tall ceilings, and large windows. If you need, you can add in extra replacement windows to bring in another element of rustic modern style.
  4. Use Natural Fabrics – Rustic and modern styles can feel harsh and heavy. It’s important to balance out a rustic modern home with soft, natural fabrics in your furniture, accessories, and window treatments. You can still choose pieces with clean lines, but don’t shy away from lots of texture and variations of neutral, warm tones like dove grey, lavender, blue, beige, or pale yellow. Also, the more soft fabrics you use in space, the more sound absorption you’ll have.

If you want more tips on rustic modern décor or Raleigh, NC window shades, we are here to help. After all, while rustic and modern styles seem disparate, they work wonderfully together with the right planning and design.

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