Hiring a Contractor for Your Window Shades

Hiring a Contractor for Your Window Shades

A contractor has a big impact on both your home and your wallet. Helping a project go from a plan or a dream to reality is tough, and you need the right person for the job. That’s why, whether you’re looking for someone to redo your kitchen or install new window shades on your Raleigh, NC home, you need a good contractor. Here are top tips for hiring a contractor to help make sure your job is done right:

  1. Consider the Type of Work – Not all contractors do the same thing. Do you need a builder? An architect? A handyman?
  2. Talk to Friends and Family – Your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors have probably hired contractors in the past. Ask them for recommendations.
  3. Come Up with a Detailed Plan – Make a list of your plans and expectations so any contractor you speak to has a clear idea of what you want and need. This plan should also include a clear, set budget. You can’t find a contractor until you know how much you want to spend.
  4. Review Experience and Examples of Work – Experience really does matter, especially when it comes to contractors. The more projects someone has done, the more they will know about how to deal with your project and any issues that may arise. Ideally, you want a contractor with at least five years of experience. Don’t forget to look at examples of their past work, including those that are similar to your needs.
  5. Talk About Timeline – It’s always a good idea to enter into a project with a clear idea of how long it will take. Do some research as to how long the type of project usually takes and then talk to different contractors to get their estimates. It’s a safe bet to add about eight weeks onto a timeline for delays. Also, don’t forget to ask if they’re doing any other projects at the same time as yours as this might delay things further.window shades in your Raleigh, NC
  6. Bring Up Payment – Enter into any contractor relationship with clear expectations on how much the project will cost and how they expect to be paid. Never pay the full amount up front.
  7. Check Insurance and Licenses – Accidents can and do happen. It’s imperative that any contractor you hire has personal liability insurance, property damage coverage, and worker’s compensation. Also, look up contractor licensing requirements for your area. Each state and county differ slightly, but your local building department should have all the information you need. If your area does require a license, make sure any contractor’s is fully up to date.

Finally, you need to trust your gut. The most important part of choosing a contractor is going with someone who makes you feel comfortable. This person and their team will be in your home, and you need to trust them and feel safe enough to bring up any concerns.

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