Give Any Room a Solarium Feel with Window Blinds

Give Any Room a Solarium Feel with Window Blinds

window blinds to your Raleigh, NC

If you’ve ever been in a solarium, you’re probably tempted to add one to your home. Solariums or conservatories are fully enclosed rooms that let in an abundance of natural light, providing an immediate feeling of happiness and incredible views of the outdoors. But they’re really expensive to build, or you might not have the space. If you want more natural light in your home but don’t have the budget to build a solarium, use these tips, like adding window blinds to your Raleigh, NC home, to help make any room in your home feel like a solarium:

  1. Add Patio Doors – Try adding patio doors, French doors, or sliding glass doors into your space. This not only brings in more natural light and adds glass for the solarium feel, but also gives you great indoor-outdoor access for entertaining and daily enjoyment of your outdoor space.
  2. Choose Windows Carefully – One downside of all that extra natural light is that it can wreak havoc on your home’s indoor temperature and energy efficiency. That’s why, if you’re creating a solarium-like room, you need to make sure you choose modern, energy efficient windows with the features necessary to keep your home comfortable and your energy bill down. Make sure they are at least made of insulated glass, or look for ones with features like double-paned glass, low-E coating, argon filling, and other additions to reduce U-value.
  3. Don’t Forget About Window Treatments – While the whole idea of a solarium is maximum natural light, there might be moments when you don’t want lots of light in the room or when you want some privacy. That’s where window treatments come in. Window blinds are particularly ideal for finishing large windows as their adjustable slats allow you to easily customize the amount of light you get into the space. The slats also allow you to get a large amount of natural light while maintaining privacy.
  4. window blinds to your Raleigh, NCChoose a Space to Adapt – Pick a room in your home that you want to adapt. Dens, offices, or extra living spaces are best as they’re perfect for relaxing with a good book, hosting company, or simply enjoying the sun. Avoid bedrooms and TV rooms as it will be tough to get the desired darkness for sleeping or watching TV.
  5. Replace Windows – Change out the existing windows in the space you wish to convert for larger replacement windows. You can also add more windows in a room, even along the entire length of a wall, to achieve that glass- and light-filled solarium look.
  6. Add Transom Windows – Another way to get a solarium feel is to add transom windows on top of your existing windows. Transom windows are simply mini windows that rest above, below, or to the side of other windows, bringing more light and outdoor views into a space.

It’s easy to get lots of natural light and a solarium feel in your home with these tips. Kiwi Designs, Fine Blinds & Shutters is here to help if you want more information on home improvement or Raleigh, NC window blinds.

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