Dressing Multiple Windows

Dressing Multiple Windows

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When you have more than one window in a room, the window treatments have a big impact on the overall space. If you have rooms with multiple windows in your home, you’ve got a great opportunity to really showcase window treatments, from curtains and blinds to shades and window shutters in Raleigh, NC. But how do you dress multiple windows in the same room to optimize their style impact?

These tips are here to help:

  1. Try Using One Treatment for Several Windows – If you have multiple side-by-side windows, you can try dressing them as one large window to create a cohesive look and save you money on extra window dressings. This will also create an exciting focal point in the space.
  2. Consider Curtains or Drapes – Curtains add elegance and a clean, contemporary feel to any space. They also help make the windows dramatic focal points in the room. Drapes are similar to curtains in that they are made of fabric and come in pairs, but drapes also generally hang all the way to the floor. Drapes are ideas for traditional décor.
  3. Try Shades or Blinds – If you want a simple look for all the windows in your room, consider shades or blinds. Shades hang within the window frame and pull down from the top so you can customize the room’s light and privacy. Blinds are similar to shades, but instead of a pull-down design, they’re made with slats that you can adjust to allow more or less light into the room.
  4. Keep Things Cohesive – When you’re dressing three or more windows in one room, it’s best to keep the window treatments the same or at least very similar to maintain a cohesive look and design scheme. After all, one window with shutters, one with blinds, and one with shades would be very distracting. Keep in mind that the more windows you have in a room, the more impactful your window coverings will be. The number of windows in the room multiplies the impact of these window treatments, so be thoughtful about your selection.
  5. window shutters in Raleigh, NCDon’t Forget About Window Shutters – Window shutters are an ideal treatment option for rooms with multiple windows, especially if the windows are large. They have louvres that you can adjust to customize the amount of light and privacy in a room and can be totally opened or closed for maximum or minimum light. Shutters are also permanent installations that add sophistication to your space when placed on three or more windows.
  6. Think About Privacy – Rooms with lots of windows are great for letting in light, but they also make it easy for people outside your home to see in. Be sure to think about how you can manage privacy with window treatments in rooms with lots of windows. Shutters, blinds, and shades, for example, are great choices as they can be partially opened or closed to maintain privacy but also let in natural light.

We are here to help if you want more tips on rooms with multiple windows or Raleigh, NC window shutters. Call or visit us today to learn more.

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